Writer, designer, and artist, Jayne is the member of the family with the most battered passport. Having already explored a lot of the world by land - including a year driving down through Africa in a Land Rover - she’s ready to take the next chapter by sea.

In 2019, Jayne crewed on a crossing of the Atlantic in the Clipper 60 Starling. Maybe next time it’ll be in Scout?

Recent posts by Jayne


Scout Sets Sail for Southampton

After a winter of hanging out on the hard at the Garcia yard, it was time to get Scout’s hull wet again. At 4:45am on March 16th, Scout finally said farewell to France, and ventured out into darkness towards England and across the Channel.



"Scout": the Name is Official

Since the sea trials back in late September and early October, Scout has been hauled-out by Garcia and winterized for the season. While she has been sat on the hard in the French shipyard, one of the final tasks before we set sail in the Spring has been to confirm her name and port of registry - and then have it all marked on her transom.



Scout's Sea Trial & A Celebratory Local Cocktail

Warning - this post starts heavy on the sail-speak, but finishes light with a local, celebratory brew. As part of the handover of Scout, team Garcia is expected to test Scout’s sailing performance with the many different sailing manoeuvres. On day three of our handover we tagged along with Garcia for the sea trial and combined it with our own test sail in the sailing playground outside of Cherbourg.



Scout gets her Saltwater Splash

I had a chance to settle into, and savour, the French lifestyle for a couple of days before the ultimate joie de vivre, namely the splashing of Scout. The symbolism of this was significant in that, what had initially been merely a dream-like vision some years ago, had — after careful planning — now become a reality. Scout will no doubt be hauled out and splashed many, many times throughout her life, but the first time is full of extra excitement and a little trepidation (a.k.a. any leaks…?).



Scout has Skin (and more)

Today was a big build milestone for Scout. She finally made an external appearance in readiness for the stepping of the mast, and was dressed for the part, too. 



You Give Me "Sea-Fever"

In anticipation of our future boat Scout, and, as a recent birthday gift, James surprised me with a first edition collection of poems from John Masefield called Salt Water Ballads (1902). The first book of the future British poet laureate was one of only 500 copies printed, and included the poem Sea-Fever. For many who have an affinity with the sea or a thirst for poetry, the line “all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by” is probably the most well known. I think it is because it casts an endearing, simple need to be at one with the water.



Hull Construction Beginnings

Scout is now more than just a name! This week the French welding factory started the construction of Scout’s super-sturdy aluminium hull. There are various stages to the metalwork welding phase, from plasma cutting, forming, assembly, plating, turning over, finishing and finally sanding - who knew! Once all the stages within the metalwork phase are complete, the hull will then be transferred to the Garcia shipyard in Cherbourg, France, to start on the follow-up phases of construction. We expect the metalwork phase to take about two months or so.