Salty Scout Recipes

Our adventures give us a chance to find out about local food dishes. Join us as we try a few of them out and make the most of Scout’s galley!

🇫🇷 Fish Fritters in Paradise

This time the Salty Scout galley is in Deshaies, Guadeloupe where the hugely popular “Death in Paradise” TV comedy is set. I was inspired by the French West Indian accras de morue, a.k.a fish fritter appetizers we had readily consumed at the restaurant where the Catherine’s restaurant scenes had been filmed. We hope you enjoy watching another episode from Scout Sailing.

🇵🇷 Mofongo! Preparing a Puerto Rican dish

Another Salty Scout food video from Scout Sailing. While anchored in Puerto Rico, I fried and smashed some plantains to make a local dish called Mofongo. The resulting balls can’t really be eaten alone, so I made some Creole Shrimp to help wash them down. We also went snorkeling and filmed below the boat to show some underwater life.

🇧🇸 Pulled Pork in the Bahamas

Another Salty Scout food recipe video, this time I’m pressure cooking pulled pork tortillas in Staniel Cay, in the Exumas, which is in the SW of The Bahamas. We also take a detour over to the famous and original swimming pigs (for inspiration!) as well as snorkel the fabulous Thunderball Grotto in the Staniel Cay area.

🇧🇸 Grilled Lobster Tail & Pigeon Peas

Scout is currently happily anchored in The Bahamas. A recent fishing success provided an opportunity to try out a local recipe, as well as give a flavor of life on our sailboat.