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A Hurricane Season Hiatus for Scout

Since our last blog update in June, Scout has been sitting out the hurricane season down in Grenada.



The Windward Islands - and the end of a chapter

After enjoying our final few days in Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe, we pushed south. It was a brisk sail - at least until we reached the swirly and confused winds at the northern end of Dominica.



The Leeward Islands

Our overnight sail from the Virgin Islands led us down towards Saba, a remote volcanic island of famously precipitous towns and livelihoods. As dawn rose, we could see it to the west off to our starboard side.



The Virgin Islands

After our enjoyable month in Puerto Rico, it was time to start the final three parts of our journey: the Virgin, then Leeward, then Windward Islands.



Puerto Rico

Scout’s arrival to the west side of Puerto Rico via the ominous Mona Passage could not have been more contrary to its reputation. We had a comfortable motor sail in becalmed water. A magical full moon and breaching humpback whales guided us in to the town of Puerto Real, just north of Boqueron.


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